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Fees for Simple Record Searches:

 Census Search: $25.00

 Specific Record Search: $50.00

 Military Searches: Negotiable

 Immigration Searches:


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    Simple Records Searches

    We will retrieve copies of records for the set fees described in the left column, when you provide the name, location, and type of record being sought. This type of search is often used when you have found a reference to a record but cannot conveientlyly retrieve the record yourself. This category does not include more generalized searches, such as findind our wheheter your ancestor owned land in a given county, or locating the military unit that your great, great grandfather served with in the Civil War. We will be happy to pursue those items for you, but they are not simple searches and would be under or Research and Analysis rates.

    Census Search - We will research the census indexes for the existing United States Federal Census Records and search the records for specific individuals in a specific census. An example would be a search for Jacob Porter in the 1860 census of Florida. Searches for extremely common names (John Smith, William Johnson), particularly in heavily populated locales (New York, Chicago) are not simple searches and will be charged at standard research rates.

    Specific Record Searches Use this option when you need a copy of a Will, Deed, Tax record, or other similar record, and you know the location and the people involved.

    Military Records Search - We will research known ancestors who may have served in the American military during the following wars: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, and World War I. Records typically included in such searches are Compiled Service Records, Pension Files, and often unit rosters. Other records, such as Military Prison Records, our Courts Martial records may be available, depending upon the war and the service member being researched.

    Immigration Records Searches - If you have a known ancestors to America between the early 1800's and 1920, we will search passenger lists and other appropriate indexes and records.

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