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Member, Association of Professional Genealogists


Jack has worked as a professional writer for more than ten years and has written books as well as numerous manuals and articles. His genealogical writings include:

  • The Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, Florida: a monthly column on genealogical topics.

  • A Cavanaugh-LeRoy Family History: a multi-generational narrative genealogy that follows nine intermarried family lines in America and traces them back to their origins in Ireland, France, Germany, and England. See client's testimonal.

  • Some Ancestors of Michael W. Sheffey: a multi-generational narrative genealogy that begins with a German shoemaker, but goes on to include Confederate General Officers, Union Bugle Boy heroes, and a 19th century Railroad engineer who was famous up and down the route that he drove for forty years. See client's testimonal.

  • The Alexanders, A Family History; a narrative genealogy detailing five generations of one family and multiple generations of ten families that married into that family. Tracked immigration from North Ireland, England, and Scotland into Canada and the United States. See client's testimonal.

  • A Jerkins Journey: A six generation narrative genealogy tracking the descendants of a North Carolina Revolutionary War veteran as the family spread across the south.

  • The Tallahassee Genealogist: Jack served as editor of this quarterly journal for more than 2 years. In addition to numerous reviews of genealogical publications and web sites, he has contributed several articles such as "Leon County's Revolutionary War Veterans", "Land Records, The Forgotten Resource", "Cemetery Research: Finding Them From Home," "Newspapers - Getting Beyond the Obituaries".

  • The Florida Genealogist: "Genealogy and Florida's Indian Wars", "Finding Kin in Florida's Territorial Papers", "The Porters of Jackson County"

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