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    A Cavanaugh-LeRoy Family History:
    Jack, the family history was great. You did a thorough job with the research and the presentation and organization of the book was fantastic. I sent copies out to all of the family and everyone has called to compliment the book. Thanks for becoming part of my family.
    Tom Cavanaugh, Winter Park, Florida

    Some Ancestors of Michael Wollman Sheffey:
    My husband's 70th birthday was approaching and I wanted to do something special for him. He had been talking about having his genealogy professionally researched and I decided that this would make an excellent birthday gift. I selected Jack Butler for the task and it turned out to be a good choice. Mr. Butler provided a lovely narrative genealogy salted with references and records of my husband's family, from their early arrival in Maryland to current times. I had it printed and bound for my husband and he was very happy with his birthday present.
    Mrs. Michael W. Sheffey

    After finding the records that proved the Al Sharpton - Strom Thurmond connection:

    "If you need swift and thorough research in Florida, Jack Butler is your man! He'll find what you ask for and delight you with even more than you expected or hoped for. If the record exists, he'll find it. Highly recommended."
    Megan Smolenyak, Chief Genealogitst for The Generations Network ( and satisfied client.

    A Family History, Some Ancestors of Carol Ann Alexander Rashotte:
    "For my wifeís retirement, her senior colleagues decided to surprise her with the gift of a family history prepared by Jack Butler of Southern Heir Ways.

    As in many families, various family members had written down some of her Scotch/Irish (father) and English (mother) ancestry from time to time. But, the information was often incomplete and, particularly on her motherís side, did not extend back very far. I provided Jack with these family documents, along with some photos of parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Jack did all the rest. And, what a beautiful 200-page book he produced!

    He was able to push back the familyís history in the England to the late 1600s. He unearthed much new factual information about family members on both sides, well-documented by references to numerous historical sources. The text includes family photos and reproductions of original documents, such as census data and certificates of birth, marriage and death, which are most interesting to peruse. In addition to presenting facts about the generations, Jack included fascinating narratives about the times and places in which the ancestors lived and worked in both Northern Ireland, England and Ontario, Canada. His use of informative geographical-overview maps and historical images of towns makes for interesting and easy reading.

    This beautiful gift was a true surprise for my wife. It has become an instant family heirloom that greatly extends the knowledge of our family with detailed and accurate information. It was a great pleasure to work with Jack Butler on this project, and I highly recommend his services.
    Michael E. Rashotte, Tallahassee, Florida

    Confirming Family Stories and Extending Family History
    I asked Mr. Butler of Southern Heir Ways to review various scraps of family history that I had gathered from various relatives over the years and asked him to confirm or disprove these details, if possible. Happily, Mr. Butler succeeded beyond my expectations.

    He accompanied his reports with property deeds, marriage records, census reports, newspaper stories and a ship's manifest. Mr. Butler confirmed much of my information, corrected some of it and opened a new family line that was unknown to me. He also made known to me a distant cousin of mine that he encountered during his research and she provided me with a photograph of my great grandmother sitting on the porch of the old family home.

    I am happy to recommend his services.
    Lt. Col. William J. Leverett, U.S. Army, Ret., Albuquerque, New Mexico

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