Southern Heir Ways

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 Fees for Research & Analysis:

  0-10 Hours: $35.00/hour

  10+ Hours: $30/hour

 There is a 6 hour minimum for
 this service.

Member, Association of Professional Genealogists

Our Services

Research & Analysis

We will conduct a professional and rigorous research and analysis of relevant records that is designed to satisfy your specific goal. You will then receive a written report of the family history uncovered by the research, along with copies of all documents found during the research. In addition to the expected names, dates, and locations, the report will, to the maximum extent possible, endeavor to give you a glimpse into the lives of your ancestors.

A typical use of this options would be a request such as "Find the parents and siblings of Nils Sanderson.", or "Attempt to extend the lineage of William King by two generations."

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