Southern Heir Ways

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Fees for Records Organization & Computerization: $25.00 per hour

There is 4 hour minimum for this service.


Member, Association of Professional Genealogists

Records Organization & Computerization

Successful genealogy breeds substantial quantities of paper. Let Sourthern Heir Ways take that intimidating desk, box, or file cabinet full of records and turn it into easily accessed and truly useful data. You send us copies of your documents, and we enter the information into your choice of several genealogy computer programs. Records entered into the computer will be correctly sourced

In addition, we can provide photo and document preservation assistance. We can scan old (or new) photos or documents such as wills, deeds, court records, etc., for inclusion in your genealogy computer program, in your web site, or in a book or booklet that you wish to publish.

HomeServicesAbout UsTestimonialsRatesOrderContact Us